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Why Should You Use OzFax?

Cost Effective

Fax broadcasting is very easy on your marketing budget – generally a fax will cost less than a leaflet drop or the cost of a local phone call.

High Visibility

With a fax you can expect that it will get around 3 seconds or more of “eye-time” – With a leaflet drop or newspaper ad, you could not expect to get the same level of visibility.

Fast Execution

You can get thousands of messages delivered in minutes directly to your target audience

Accurate Targeting

We can deliver to specific industry types, postcodes or regions. Whatever your marketing needs are, we can find the right data for your campaign.


How Does Fax Broadcasting With OzFax Work?

Simply contact us for a quote and/or send us the document you wish to broadcast and we do the rest. Remember you will only pay for successful deliveries at the page rate you are quoted. Your broadcast can be scheduled hours or days in advance.

Your personal distribution list can be created using one, or a mixture of any of the following:


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Our customer services team are on hand to assist with creative content, broadcast list creation, artwork design and advice on how message broadcasting can greatly enhance and even overhaul your marketing efforts.


If you need further assistance, just email via the contact form page and we will be happy to help, or if you’d prefer to speak to one of our customer service agents directly call 1300 361 424 and let us help you get the most from our service.

We can also provide RADIUS counts on data from any town in Australia.


Quantity Per Page Rate*
Under 1,000 22¢
1,001 – 5,000 18¢
5,000 – 10,000 15¢
10,000 – 50,000 13¢
50,000 – 100,000 11¢
100,000 -250,000


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* Based on average transmission time of under 60 seconds. 7¢ p/p rate available for transmission commitment of 1 million faxes+. All prices exclude GST. Prices include one off data usage. Quantity pricing based over usage over 3 month campaign period. Additional pages charged at 7¢ per page. Data fee will be charged for connected calls when sending to the customers own databases, where the number of failures is greater than 5% of the total record count.